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Sitting around the dinner table was always an important part of life growing up. It brought us together at the end of the day, and allowed us to grow as a family. It taught me the importance of sharing a meal and the possibility of community-building through breaking bread. There's strength in eating a meal together, a bond shared, a relationship built.
Growing up amidst some of the best farmland in the country, I was raised on beautiful local produce and meats, garnering a deep appreciation for utilizing the resources around me, be it foraged mushrooms, watercress picked from the stream, or venison hunted by a neighbor. Building relationships with local farmers has become very important to me, and I use what they have to offer whenever possible.
I cook from the heart, drawing influence from all over the world, allowing the ingredients to speak for themselves. I strive to be simple and inventive, yet traditional and honest.
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