Food Tours 

oaxaca, Mexico

If you find yourself traveling in Oaxaca, Mexico, be sure to join me on a food tour of this gastronomical city! Guide books never really get you to those hidden gems and off the beaten path destinations. We will go to the local haunts, seeking out the best of regional Oaxacan cuisine. Lunch outside the city with a woman famous for her molè, dinner in the Hall of Smoke, midnight street  tacos and pozole to swoon over. We will visit the markets and learn about ingredients and their uses, in addition to trying a multitude of mouthwatering delights such a Oaxaca's famous chocolate.  Of course we will do a little mezcal tasting, trying some of the regions finest. Try things you never thought to try before, or never dreamed you would!  No one wants to feel like they have missed out on something special especially while in a city famous for it's culinary history.  Contact me for more information and pricing. This is a great option for groups, or just a few people!

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